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Glass options for our french doors

Exterior doors and energy efficient glass options.

Glazing for doors, especially exterior doors is important because of the energy saving ability or lack thereof. Think about the placement of your door and what conditions are like during different seasons of the year. Will the door be shaded or in the sunlight? French doors are particularly suspect to heat or air conditioning loss because of the considerable amount of glass that is exposed to conditions!

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass can be up to 5 times stronger than standard glass. When it is broken it does not break into sharp pieces but forms small semi-smooth pieces reducing the risk of injury. Tempered glass is unlike the glass used for windows.

Insulated Glass

This glass option is actually more than 1 pane of glass. It traps an air space in between the panes which are sealed air-tight. This air space is sometimes filled with a gas to improve the energy efficiency of french doors.

Laminated Glass

This is our strongest option of glazing. It has more break resistance than our tempered option. Laminated glass for french doors is often used in tropical locations that fear hurricane force winds. Laminated glass because of its strength can also protect against attempted break-ins. Exterior french doors with laminated glass also help reduce noise between the exterior and interior of your home.
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